Autoclavable Biohazard Bag


PMSSteripack autoclavable biohazard bags are ideal for processing of biohazardous materials which require autoclaving prior to disposal. They provide a safe handling and efficient solution for you biohazard waste management.

High integrity polypropylene bag withstand 141°C (285°F) maximum autoclave temperature and is designed to resist puncture, tears and leaks.

PMSSteripack autoclavable biohazard bags are available in different sizes and all bags are imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol.

All materials comply with international standards and are manufactured under validated production process.

    • Red, strong autoclavable bag for biohazard waste
    • Designed for steam sterilization at max. 141°C
    • Puncture, tear and leak resistance
    • Will not soften or melt during sterilization process
    • Clearly imprinted biohazard symbol

    CODE DESCRIPTION width length UNIT
    OT5370 Autoclavable Biohazard Bag 53 cm 70 cm 300 pcs/box
    OT6389 Autoclavable Biohazard Bag 63 cm 89 cm 200 pcs/box
    OT87110 Autoclavable Biohazard Bag 87 cm 110 cm 200 pcs/box

    *More sizes are available upon request. Please contact us to receive further details.

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