Crepe Wrapping Paper

pms_crepePMS Medikal offers wide range of wraps for different purposes.

They can be used as either inner or outer wrapping and are suitable for steam, ethylenoxide, Plasma and irradiation sterilization methods and are a reliable solution for preventing infection and keeping patients safe.

Wrapping papers offered by PMS Medikal are in compliance with all international standards.

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    • Strong microbial barrier
    • Available in green and blue color
    • Suitable for steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilization

    CODE DESCRIPTION width length UNIT
    WP 3030 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 30 cm 30 cm SHEET
    WP 4040 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 40 cm 40 cm SHEET
    WP 4545 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 45 cm 45 cm SHEET
    WP 5050 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 50 cm 50 cm SHEET
    WP 6060 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 60 cm 60 cm SHEET
    WP 7575 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 75 cm 75 cm SHEET
    WP 9090 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 90 cm 90 cm SHEET
    WP 100100 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 100 cm 100 cm SHEET
    WP 120120 Standard Crepe (Blue – Green) 120 cm 120 cm SHEET

    *More sizes are available upon request. Please contact us to receive further details.