pouchmate_headerGrowing global population, combined with developing healthcare services and medicine technologies, the number of people benefiting from the hospitals and healthcare services is increasing rapidly. Due to increased demand, the quality of service and productivity gain more importance for sector managers, healthcare workers and suppliers.

Pouchmate™ medical sealing device for hospital and industry applications is a combined self-cutting and sealing system that is contributing to our productivity and flexibility independence by providing an unparalleled blend of benefits:


More than 6 times efficient versus common sealing machines

Common sterilization packaging process requires different devices and high labor power. Pouchmate™ medical sealing device, converts cutting and sealing process into an all-in-one solution and turns workspace to a more productive and flexible area. While current applications can produce 10 pouches per minute, pouchmate™ can attain high efficiencies by 60 pouches per minute.*


So, how does it work?

In principle, the pouchmate™ combines a roll dispenser & cutting and a rotary sealing device. Unlike usual roll dispenser & cutting devices, pouchmate™ operates fully automatic. After the length and quantity adjustments are determined through the panel, pouchmate™ will produce the ready to fill pouches from any sterilization reel in required length and quantity.

The built-in rotary sealing system seals integrates with the automatic feeding system continuously and seals the reel right below the cutting line. The pouchmate™ medical sealing system can be also used for cutting or sealing process separately.

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    • Automatic Pouch Maker
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Temperature fluctuation ±1°C with PID controls
    • Corresponds to DIN 58953-7
    • Solid design,durable
    • Large LCD screen
    • Easy settings via switch membrane panel
    • Maximum seal width 400mm
    • Multiple reel loading feature
    • Produces 4.000 pouches per hour
    • Pouch length can be adjusted from 50mm up to 1000mm
    • Signals when pre-set bundle quantity is produced
    • Batch counter
    • Sealing time can be adjusted
    • Can be used also for only reel cutting
    • Easy to load/unload reels
    • Adjustable seal pressure
    • Easy cutting blade replacement