Bowie & Dick Test Pack


Bowie & Dick Test Packs are pre-assembled single-use test packs designed to evaluate the performance of vacuum-assisted 132°C-134°C (270F – 273F) steam sterilizers each day.


Air leaks in the sterilization chamber threatens the sterilization safety. Daily use of Bowie & Dick Test Packs helps to determine sterilizer malfunctions at an early stage.

The reactive ink gives a warning before the load leaves the CSSD. PMSSteriTest Bowie & Dick Test Packs comes preassembles, ready to use. No preparation is needed.

The process indicator on the packs’ label clearly indicates if the pack has been used or not. The test cards can be stored for recording purpose.


… The Bowie and Dick test was conceived as a test for successful air removal for sterilizers so called high vacuum porous load sterilizers. A successful Bowie and Dick test indicates rapid and even penetration of steam into the test pack…

DIN EN 285 | Sterilization, Steam Sterilizers, Large Sterilizers

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